How does my personalised plan work?

After an initial consultation you will be emailed a calendar style plan each week.

This will outline each days session with details of pace, effort and distance.
This is available in Excel (preferred), Word, PDF or email. If you like to use Dropbox it can be updated through there.

Why should I have Coach?
There are many reasons why athletes of all abilities have a Coach.
A Coach will use their knowledge and experience to write you a plan to get to your goal injury free and at your best!
Some people like to have a Coach for extra guidance as well as motivation. A Coach will hold you accountable while having your best interests in mind. A Coach is also your sounding board whenever you need help.
My goal as a Coach is to assist people with reaching their dream goals. Believe in their abilities and link arms as we work together to hit that goal race or time.
Running has had a positive effect on my life and I look forward to being there to help it lift up yours!

What gear do I need?
There are many fun and fantastic running products out there.
If you are starting out, focus on having quality running shoes specific for your feet. Any good sports store can assist with this.
Downloading a running phone app such as Strava will help your Coach monitor your fitness and progress.
Running attire doesn’t need to be expensive with shops like Kmart, Target and Big W bringing out quality, fashionable ranges.
A GPS watch and Heart Rate Monitor are great to have. They make it easy to be aware of your pace and effort while out on your run. They are not a must have, however as you start to love running you’ll find you wil want one.
Running belts are fantastic for items such a keys, gels and phones. They are available for all budgets.
ipods and MP3 players are a great to run with, however there are some great phone bads on the market if you want to listen to mutic through that.
Running can be as cheap or expensive as you like, but be careful… new kit day is addictive!

What if I get sick or injured?
Stop! Finishing a run isn’t as important as your health.
As a Coach I am unable to give advice on illness or injury, it is best to see your GP or physiotherapist.

What if I miss a session?
Sometimes life gets in the way a we miss a planned session. That is ok, that is why we work around your schedule. Missing a session or 2 will not unravel all your hard work.
Let me konw before or after a missed session and we can work out if your program needs amending. Most of the time it’s ok and you will keep to the current plan.
Please do not try and make up the run the next day or on another session.

How is payment made?
You will be invoiced weekly in advance, normally on a Monday.
Payment can be made via bank transfer or credit card