Corporate Coaching

Lets build a healthy and productive workplace!

For businesses who want to inspire and motivate their people!  
We all know that healthy and happy people make for great employees. I have been involved with a number of workplace organised race day events and have been a part of making them enjoyable, building relationships and becoming the beginning of many health journeys. 

How it works

  • Initial chat to understand your workplace goals, challenges, training availability and target event

  • Delivery options include weekly group plans via email or group sessions

  • Questions answered within 24 hours

What you get

  • Group sessions include tips on running form and technique

  • ongoing support and guidance

  • Online or face-to-face race day preparation

  • Inclusive sessions ensuring runners of all levels stay involved and engaged

  • Assistance in building morale and encouraging beginners to attend

  • Available for one off running tours in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, perfect for conference groups


Starting from $70 a session, dependant on numbers and type of program.
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