I have been given the amazing opportunity to link arms with some fantastic brands as an ambassador.  These are companies who produce amazing products, they are also ethical, fun and amazing supporters of women in sport.

VPA Australia
Online supplement brand


VPA was my first and favourite taste of protein powder back in 2013.  I went nuts and purchased 5 flavours and loved them all!

Now they offer a whole range of supplements including BCAA’s, L-Carnitine, Protein Mousse, Fat Burners, pre/intra workout and so much more!

Click my link below for 15% off of your first order! – Meal plans


Delicious, nutritious and delivered to your door!
These guys approached me and I wasn’t sure, until I looked into their macros and calories and realised that they are made for REAL people with REAL appetites and macros needs.

Check out my blog review on the meals I have tried HERE

Dos Caballos Bikewear

This is some seriously cool cycle kit for women AND men.
The jersey’s include a zippered back pocket which is perfect for you keys and even a GoPro! The fabrics are breathable and the knicks are comfortable with no chaffing.

Gripsters: Sport Compression Hairties
Sometimes the smallest thing can make a huge difference!
Who would think that a hairtie could make such a difference? Gripsters did!
Their non-slip compression keeps my ponytail tight through all my workouts and day to day life.
Go check them out – my ambassador code is BM18RN which goes towards supporting me in my athletic goals!

Natatio Swimwear
This awesome Aussie brand are designing performance swimwear for women that compliment their figure, are fantastic for swimming in either pool or open water and are made from sustainable, regenerated nylon.
I seriously LOVE this brand – I’ve worn my bikini all summer and it is still bright, still fits perfectly and still looks amazing.


If you would like more information on any of these brands or would like to have a chat about working together, please contract me on


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