review: Meals for athletes

I’ve had a number of my awesome Instagram friends contact me to find out more about meals.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write a post about my thoughts on this brand and their meal options.

When contacted me through Instagram to try their meals I was incredibly skeptical.  As a runner and triathlete I find these meal prep companies to be low calorie and low carb – not my preferred choice.  But are different, they offer 3 levels of calorie and diet goals with a huge range of meals.

Sculpt: Lean & Defined

Performance: Maintain peak fitness

Muscle Gain: Build mass and bulk up

Now I’m interested!  Checking out the Performance plan, I see that Protein is a focus, but the carb values are there too.  On a high loaded training day I might add some fruit or rice cakes on top of the meal to get a little more carbs.  As a gluten intolerant, it is great to see there are dietary options available as well, including plant-based which is so popular right now.  With all the details looking good, I decided to give them a go and I am happy to say that I am REALLY glad that I took the time to research their offer.  The meals are delicious, filling, fresh and freezable PLUS they have everyone in the office drooling at the smell as they heat up in only 2 minutes.

General thoughts and points on the meals:

  • Much more generous on the meat volume than any other plan I’ve tried
  • Fresh ingredients that are cooked perfectly given they are reheated in the microwave. No sad, soggy veggies here.
  • Full of flavor and perfect ingredient paring
  • Filling – I have a sweet tooth, but find myself just having a coffee afterwards if I eat for lunch.
  • Delivery packaging keeps them super cold and left safely at my door

On the reviews by meal

Roast Turkey Performance Plate
Rating: 10/10

Flavour BOMB and a stack of turkey.  The inclusion of lentils makes me want to add them to more things when I do cook at home.  I love the macros on this one too.  Low fat, higher carbs and very satiating.

Buttery Beef Tri Tip
Rating: 8/10


I had to try this once since it has “tri” in the name.  Generous meat and potatoes.  The green beans are still fresh and don’t end up a soggy mess.  It’s is really delicious, but there are other dishes that are better

Sicilian Chicken Performance Plate
Rating: 9/10

Stacked with chicken and incredible flavor in the beans and vegetables.  Being a crazy carb lady, adding some quinoa to it for an evening meal after a swim session would make this a 10/10, the Sicilian flavours in the sauce are drool worthy.

Mongolian Beef Bowl with Rice Noodles, Choy Sum & Chinese Broccoli
Rating: 7/10

I think this is a popular one on the menu, I thought it was nice but expected maybe some carrot or something to add to the veggie count.  Again, generous meat and great flavours.

Roo Rendang
Rating: 8/10

Ok, I LOVE Roo and I LOVE rendang so my expectations were high. The generous helping of roo was tender and not too ‘gamey’.  I think there could have been a little more lemongrass, but still incredible flavor.  I’ve tried once to make a roo curry and it was tough, so I am impressed with the meat quality!

Coconut Chicken & Lentil Stew with Kumara
Rating: 10/10


I LOVE this dish.  Want to lick the bowl and get every last drop kinda love.  Low calorie but filling and makes a great rest day meal.  I think I need to throw in some microwave rice next time just to make the meal last longer.

Seared BBQ Performance Steak
Rating: 10/10


Another bowl licking, flavor bomb meal.  The whole meal just works perfectly together.  The BBQ sauce melts into the sweet potato, beef & veggies.  The hidden pecans are this weird but wonderful crunch and the brussel sprouts are even delish.  I am a smokey meat addict and this hits that crazy on the head. SO GOOD.

Chicken & Broccoli Bowl with Miso, Edamame & Brown Rice
Rating: 9/10

We all love the bowls that are in right now.  This one is perfect because it is at least half the calories of a poke bowl but packs just as much fresh, tangy flavor.  This is my fave to pack with an ice pack and keep on hand for a post race meal – like at Noosa Triathlon.  It can be eaten hot or cold.

Herb Encrusted Salmon with Sweet Potato Mash & Vegetables
Rating: 10/10

This was one of the first meals I tried and I was completely shocked at the big slab of salmon in the bowl.  It was cooked perfectly and all the veggies were cooked to perfection.  Salmon and sweet potato together is delish!

Classic Pad Thai – Vegetarian
Rating: 7/10

Ok – honesty here.  This is probably a 10 but as a born and bred meat eater I am getting my head around the tofu texture in this meal.  The smell when this one heats up is a true indication of the flavor that hits on the first bite.  It is fresh and delicious.  It’s one that makes a great eat-at-your-desk meal since no knives required.

The OG Veggie Stew
Rating 5/10

I have mixed feelings on this one. The curry flavor is drool worthy and the quinoa is cooked to perfection, but it’s just peas & onion.  I don’t hate peas, especially with the sauce, but I make a bomb chickpea & pumpkin curry which I prefer just because it has more veggie variety.  The low rating isn’t due to flavor – just personal pea feelings.

Hit me up with any questions!

*Disclaimer: I am provided with free product in return for posts on Instagram.  This blog post was of my own accord and all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company.