20 minute stair workout

This fun session can be done at the gym or head outdoors for a fresh way to train!

Repeat 4 times – first and last repeats to be at warm up/cool down pace

  • 1 minute: straight walk up
  • 1 minute: sideways walk, right side
  • 1 minute: sideways walk, left side
  • 1 minute: two stairs straight up ()
  • 1 minutes: straight walk up  (if outdoors, miss this as it counts for you time going DOWN the stairs)

What this works:
Stair climbing engages the core while building strength and endurance.
Sideways climbing engages the inner and outer thighs as well as hamstrings, glutes and calves. Win!
Climbing stairs can also help runners with balance and coordination

Why I love it:
Changing it up every minute makes the session go really fast!
Also, anything working the adductors and abductors feels great on my piriformis syndrome.

Hot Tips:

  • Engage the glutes to feel them BURN!
  • Tighten those abs as you pull the leg up onto the stairs
  • Listen to some latin beats – feels like you’re dancing