Enjoying your holiday while still keeping fit & healthy

We work so hard to be in our best shape for a holiday only to blow it all when we are away and struggle to get back into the habit once returning home.

Before heading on my recent holiday to USA I turned to my boyfriend Jack and said that I was going to make the most of all the BBQ meat, chocolate and Dr Pepper over there since it will be another year until I get to do it again.  That’s 10 straight days of eating amazing southern food and sugar laced goodies.  Surely this can only lead to disaster?


While I am not as lean as when we left (Jack came back just as ripped!) we made sure we kept up some good habits so that it wouldn’t be so hard on return, all while gorging on BBQ sauce smothered ribs, caramel M&M’s and Dr Pepper.

We don’t want to obsess over health & fitness while on holiday, we still do our fair share of overeating, rest days by the pool drinking cocktails and sleep ins.  But we do try to balance that out with healthy habits.


Here’s my 10 tips

  1. Make your own breakfast
    As soon as we roll into the city, we buy protein powder and breakfast cereal (oats for me), milk & yogurt and ask for bowls and spoons from reception. Occasionally I’ll go out for a big breakfast, but oats are my favourite.  I’d rather save the money and the big meal for lunch or dinner
  2. Workout
    Keep it up! Our training has not been the intensity it would be at home, but doing some form of exercise has helped loosen our bodies after long flights & drives and set us up for the days adventures.
    If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, google local gyms or check if your normal gym has something in the area – Anytime Fitness are located throughout USA so we were able to go there!
  3. Pack protein bars
    I am gluten intolerant so this is a habit anyway, with our first stop from the airport being GNC, I grab a heap of bars so that I’m not eating junk for snacks.
  4. Don’t eat EVERYTHING put in front of you
    I think this made the biggest difference on this trip. I didn’t eat all of the in flight meal if I didn’t really like it – or wasn’t really hungry.  Even when I had a plate of ribs & brisket at an incredible Memphis BBQ restaurant, I stopped eating once I was full.
  5. Drink plenty of water
    That old cliché!
    I drank plenty on the long haul flight and included some electrolytes, but unfortunately I didn’t keep it up throughout the trip. Lesson learned.
  6. Get some sleep
    This can be hard, especially if you’ve had a few drinks. We get some natural sleeping aids from the chemist to assist and it truly made a difference.
  7. Running and bike tours
    Due to injury I didn’t get to discover New Orleans by bike or running, but it is something I recommend. I ran through New York myself and it was an amazing experience.  If you have any concerns for safety, most cities offer running or cycling tours.
  8. Pack fit supplies
    My bag included fitness bands, small ball to roll out my glute pain, sports tape and plenty of gym wear. I’ve included my skipping rope at times and always pack swimwear – just in case.
  9. Wear active wear sightseeing
    Active wear as everyday clothing is so normal now and being comfortable walking around sightseeing all day makes a huge difference. The more comfortable you are, the more likely you’ll walk rather than taxi or bus.  Even streetwear shoe styles are comfortable for a day walking 17,000 steps around Graceland and the Memphis Zoo!
  10. Enjoy the moment!
    I certainly had moments where I felt body conscious due to what I’d been eating. But I would remind myself that enjoying beautiful restaurants or days off of training are no big deal.  A couple of weeks are not going to ruin your progress forever.  Life is worth living and holidays are worth enjoying.