2018 running goals

It is long past January 1st, but I thought I would add my 2018 running goals onto the blog to hold myself that little more accountable.

I ended 2017 very flat and drained in training, but the hype of a new year kept me motivated. I posted my goals on instragram and got excited. Unfortunately January wasn’t any better and I had been so tired at night that I was almost in tears. I started feeling really down and started questioning my abilities as a runner and in turn, a Coach.

But then I had a conversation with my partner about a calorie and nutrient tracking app and how I normally track my food intake for a few weeks every 6 months to ensure I’m fuelling properly.

That’s when I realised I haven’t been having enough carbs and iron. Iron is something that women need to be aware of, especially when training a lot and it is something that I have been low on my whole life.

I immediately started taking iron supplements and I am still tracking my daily food intake to ensure my carbs are high enough for my body.

The difference has been incredible. Within days of additional nutrients I was already starting to notice a difference. My breathing wasn’t as shallow, my thinking was clearer and I wasn’t so exhausted. My last 2 weeks of running have been back on track with some great speedwork, 3rd in Age Group placing in a 5 mile race and back to doing some longer runs, including 16km today.

So now that I’ve regained motivatation and positive about 2018, here are my running goals.

5km: sub 20min

10km: Sub 45min

21.1km: Sub 1:40min

42.2km: SUB 4 HOURS

I will be celebrating every PB that I get along the way, even if it is only by 1 second. Celebrating those mini achievements is so important and keeps you positive and on track on for hitting those big goals.

If something in your body or training isn’t feeling right, have a good think about what it could be Speak with your doctor. It could be something as simple as diet like it was for me.

Happy Running!

Training Diary 12-18 February 2018

Mon: Rest day

Tues: 5.5km slow recovery run with the doggy. Feeling tired after the 5 mile race.

Weds: 52min ride around the bike track. Low effort, tight hamstrings

Thurs: Lasso repeats x 4 (800m)

Fri: 45min windtrainer bike session. Low effort, humid weather, sweatfest

Sat :2.5km swim session. No plan

Sun: 90min run – 16km and felt fantastic!